For many, gambling is purely for entertainment. Who can blame then when there’s a different excitement ianticipating a win? Meanwhile, for others, gambling is their livelihood.

Probably the most popular example of professional casino players are the poker players. We all have heard of professional poker players who make their living winning in tournaments.

But can the same be done for video slots? Can one really make money when playing video slots? This is probably one of the most common questions regarding casino gaming as video slots have the most share in any gambling site’s menu of games. Can one actually make a living from playing video slots day-in and day-out?

There is no simple answer to the above questions. But there are some things to consider before quitting one’s day job or spending a lot of money in the hope of winning big prizes from video slots.

Knowing the Expected Value

Veterans of video slots understand what expected value is, which pertains to looking for the good value spots to wager so one can improve the profits in the long run.

This means studying and calculating which progressive jackpots increase at the lowest buy-in amount allowed. Looking at the paytable is important as well as finding out the return-to-player or RTP percentages. Studying the RTP means finding out how much the slot game pays for every bet in the long-run.

The Variance

The first step is finding the right video slot with the best-expected return and the second step is ensuring that the bankroll won’t run out. As such, those who are serious about making money from video slots consistently should also know about handling the variance or how to handle the downswings. 

One has to keep in mind that players are likely to shell out a good amount of money before hitting a jackpot. Video slots have different variances. A player must strategize between playing low variance slots or those slots that give out regular but small wins or high variance or those that require a high amount of money but can provide big wins occasionally. Understanding the variance and alternating between the high and low ones may sustain a player.

Search for Bonuses

One way of bankrolling slots games is to look for online casinos that offer bonuses. Fortunately, most online gambling sites offer welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards, and slots bonuses so players can play for money without hurting their pockets. Taking advantage of the online casinos’ generosity can help players initially bankroll their bets.

In the end, one can make money playing slots. But slots do not rely much on a player’s expertise or experience unlike other casino games like poker. Slots is purely a game of chance. But what players can do is to study the slots games and find games with a suitable RTP and variance for their needs. Knowing when to stop to prevent oneself from going broke big time will also help.