There is just so much choice out there these days when it comes to trying to pick an online slot to indulge in; sometimes it can genuinely take hours on end just to get the right one. Although, after all, this is far from a bad thing, in fact it just points to the incredibly healthy state of affairs in the current online slot climate – click this link now

Nonetheless, it can be annoying when all you want is a quick but enjoyable session spinning those reels, that’s for sure. Most advanced and experienced players will have a reliable bank of favourites that they can turn too if the choice is too hard to make, and this is actually a great tactic for anyone struggling to make the pick. We thought we would treat you to our favourite slots to play… 

Rainbow Riches 

Pretty much any slot gambler worth their salt will know all about the iconic Rainbow Riches franchise, a series of slots that have been there from the very start, with offshoots in the physical market as well as online. Barcrest completely changed the game with this Irish themed slot, not only influencing a slew of similar looking titles, but also giving essential exposure to the, at the time, only emerging online slot industry. 

Playing any one of the Rainbow Riches games is remarkably good fun, and also may we add really rather lucrative.

Immortal Romance 

Another definite favourite of ours is the ludicrously good Immortal Romance by Microgaming, a vampiric reel-spinning odyssey that will have your pockets getting heavier in no time at all. The slot works on a fairly standard 5 reel configuration with 243 ways to win, something that may seem quite simple in today’s often complex world of online slots, but just you wait until you find out about this game’s bonus features. 

The main reason we find Immortal Romance so entertaining is that, unlike the majority of other slots, it actually has a solid and evolving narrative to it. The story centres around four characters, all with varying levels of vampire in their blood, and in order to reach the highest bonus round you must meet them all first. As the story develops so too does the money making potential, it is wicked! 


Anyone who has played a few online slots before will know that, if there is any developer that is worth trusting completely it is the Swedish maestros NetEnt. They have so many quality slots, but Starburst may just be the most opulent jewel in their crown. Fans of games such as Bejeweled and Candy Crush will love this one, as the aesthetic is very similar. 

Starburst, however, blows these out of the water, especially when you consider the scintillatingly clear 3D graphics. They really are incredible!