Anyone who comes to play the American Roulette comes with the intention of winning big. Winning, however, eludes most people and those who win are thought to be just plain lucky. But taking a closer look at these winners shows the years of hard work, grit and determination they put into:

  • Mastering the art of card counting
  • Achieving a poker face
  • Perfecting their winning strategy

There are four steps to finding the strategy which has the potential to ensure a win everytime one plays American roulette. They include:Image result for How to Find a Strategy to Win At American Roulette

  • Knowing the roulette basics

There are certain notions associated with playing roulette. It is generally seen that people place bets only on

  • Odds and evens,
  • Reds and blacks and
  • Specific numbers.

But the decision to bet on numbers needs careful consideration and should not be done based on the above conceptions. The bets placed have to be consistent with the strategy adopted after taking into account the three groups of numbers, namely:

  • Group A consisting of the first dozen of numbers from 1 to 12,
  • Group B consisting of the second dozen from 13 to 24 and
  • Group C consisting of the third dozen from 25 to 36.
  • Choosing the right group of numbers

Finding and selecting the numbers to bet on, is best perfected by playing free roulette online. On spinning the roulette wheel one should

  • Note down the group of the number at which the wheel lands and
  • Keep spinning and noting down the group until one gets a series of five results with one particular group missing.
  • The thumb rule

This is the focal point of the strategy wherein as a rule one never ever changes the group one is placing bets on no matter what the circumstances are.

  • The actual process of betting

This differs from individual to individual and depends specifically on the bankroll amount he wants to play with. For people with larger bankrolls it is better to double their bet every time they lose. On the other hand for people with smaller bankrolls, it is best to increase bets by a unit every time one loses and decrease it by a unit every time one wins.

With tons of winning strategies floating around, it is only a matter of a little time and practise before one finds a strategy which will enable him to win every time. So happy winning !