Betting Strategies Vary by Game

Depending on the types of casino games you enjoy playing, if you want to win a lot of cash, you need to know the impacts of your bets. Card games, for example, often require a large wager to win a lot of cash.

Poker and blackjack in particular often require large bets to win large pots. That is the source of the old adage — You can’t win big if you bet small.

Yet, other games, like craps and roulette, can give large payouts for relatively small risks. You’ll have to have luck on your side, but you can win large sums with relatively small bets when wagering for increasingly greater odds.

Progressive Slots Offer Greatest Rewards

The best example of a small bet returning a large reward is a progressive jackpot from linked slot machines. Several casinos will link together multiple slot machines and place a portion of every wager laid into an increasingly larger jackpot.

As more people gamble and don’t win the ultimate prize, that jackpot grows progressively larger. Eventually, someone will win it — and possibly become rich.

A progressive jackpot is just one example of how you can win large sums from small bets. You also can win lots of cash from keno bets, sports parlays, betting longshots in horse races, and similar wagers that return long odds for small risks.

Yet, those kinds of wins typically are elusive. That’s why it’s a mistake to expect to win a large jackpot.

Have Realistic Expectations

Ultimately, gambling is a matter of percentages, and that’s why the casino industry mostly has remained robust throughout the years. The house ensures the percentages, no matter how small, are in its favor. It’s a simple matter of probability delivering revenues consistently over the long run.

The house advantage makes it important for you to maintain realistic expectations of the amounts of money you might win. If you go into a casino expecting to win big, odds are, you won’t — unless you get really lucky.

Smart gamblers know to lay smart bets that will grow their bankroll. Over time, they will find timely moments to bet big, like when they have a nearly unbeatable poker hand and one or more opponents willing to bet against them.

With timely wagers laid smartly, it’s possible to bet big with money you have won and take home an even larger amount of money. Meanwhile, laying smart bets that have a good chance of growing your bankroll is the smart way to set up a big payoff with a large bet.