New ways are being found for the Blockchain technology. For most people when they come across the term “Blockchain”, they automatically think of finance. However, there are plenty of uses for the technology one of which is in the gaming industry.

Let’s find out how Blockchain technology is changing the face of the gaming industry.

  1. Gaining access to parallel gaming universes.

Any gamer gets excited at the concept of parallel gaming universes. Imagine using the same character across a variety of games. Well, this is entirely possible thanks to Blockchain’s ledger.

Because your data can be easily verified viasmart contracts. Since your data is easily verifiable, different gaming companies can work together to form parallel universes.

  1. In-game items just went up in value

One of the reasons a game is so exciting is when you are trying to accumulate as many in-game items as possible. Through Blockchain technology, these items can be used in and out of the game which ultimately increases their value.

It would even be possible to develop platforms where players can exchange those items for fiat cash.

  1. Safe storage of gaming items

Blockchaintechnology also comes with the benefit of ensuring a safe way to store gaming items. Blockchain cannot be hacked so forget about any individual gaining access to your items. It is incredibly difficult to get access to data stored using Blockchain.

  1. Games become moreaffordable

It is simple to purchase your favourite games using crypto currencies. However, there are other costs involved which makes the game that much more expensive.

Blockchain technology allows users to pay for games without the need for credit cards which cuts down on the fees and makes the games more accessible. Bitcoin games are fast becoming the norm.

  1. Allowing for smaller transactions

Micro-transactions are possible in gaming thanks to Blockchain. Game developers can then come up with more efficient ways of monetizing their game.

There is also the option of setting automatic features that allows for transfer of funds as assets

  1. More reliable game rankings

Within the online gaming communities, there is a lot of voting. This is how people rank different teams and games. That said, there is also a lot of manipulating of votes which makes feedback unreliable.

With Blockchain’s security features, it is nearly impossible to tamper with the voting system.

Blockchaintechnology is constantlyevolving and we can certainly expect to see more opportunities for the gaming industry.