From sign-up deposit to spin freely, the Betfair award players with unique promotion code. Players use the promotion code to claim the promotions used to play. However, without a clear understanding of the promotion, the player may not really understand what is required of them for each promotion. This article, therefore, explains everything you need to know about Betfair promotions.

Qualification for Promotions

Each player can qualify for a promotion with Betfair. Players can use the promo code to claim their promotion from the casino. To check whether there is a promotion available, the player can click on the tab “My Promotion at the top left side of the website.

Promotion page shows the type of promotions players has qualified. Maps also provide other details such as expiry date and all information about the promotions. All other promotions that previously used will be listed on the page.

Therefore, if you need to check the feasibility of promotions or balance, you can always look at the Betfair website Kasino online.

Receiving promotion

Most Betfair promotion payments immediately after the player completes the required steps. Promotion balance updated as soon as the promotion is given.

For example, they are given a registration promotion as soon as the players have signed up. A player receives the first deposit immediately after depositing money into their online casino accounts.

Using Promotion

Once you have received your promotion, you are free to start betting with them. When you place a bet, the promotion will automatically be used first before a real balance in your casino wallet. This occurred during the terms and conditions of sale in accordance with the type of game that is placed by the player.

If the promotion you bet wins, your win is stored in the wallet balance. However, withdrawal is possible after fulfilling certain bet for the promotion you receive.

Withdrawal Of Promotion Winnings

Victory withdrawn only after all the requirements of the turnover is complete. All qualifying bets must be played before the end of the promotion. Playing after all requirements are met, players are free to withdraw their winnings.

However, if some of the promotion expires, delayed victory is lost.

“Buy-in” Promotion

Buy-in is real money that you need to make a contribution of funds and increase the promotion of your wallet. The purpose of transferring money is to earn enough credits to get an extra promotion: promotion and the buy-in amount paid into the promotion purse. The amount is still in the wallet until all completed, or promotion wagering requirements expire.

Bet Using Deposits Instead Promotion

Sometimes you can bet, and the game uses your money from the main account. This situation occurs mainly due to two main factors. First, the bets placed may not have met the terms and conditions of sale. The reason this automatically prompts the system to use the money in the main account.

Second, the bet will use the money from your main account when there is not enough money in the wallet promotion. In this case, the bet will be played in accordance with the requirements of the promotion. However, the victory went to the main wallet to cover the money used dewabet deposit.


Every time you receive your Betfair promotion, understand the terms and conditions. Each promotion operates differently. Before using a promo code to claim your promotion, make sure the promotions that meet the requirements of your game. Not all promotions will be suitable for your case.