Gun Lake Casino has turned its lights blue and yellow in honor of Ukraine. The casino, located in the US Wayland Township, Michigan, decided to show its support for Ukrainians by use of blue and yellow lighting on their facility exteriors. Blue and yellow represent the colors of Ukraine’s national flag.

A statement released by the management of Play Gun Lake Casino said that they hoped drivers will remember Ukraine and its people in prayer after seeing the blue and yellow lights as they drive by.

The casino offers games such as baccarat, roulette, keno, blackjack, video poker, and craps. The facility has over 2,500 slot machines and 47 tables. Gamblers also access the games online on multiple devices.

West Michiganders show overwhelming support for Ukrainians

Amidst Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine, citizens of West Michigan are continuing to show overwhelming support to Ukrainians. This was evidenced by the large quantities of flowers the citizens left at the St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church located in Grand Rapids.

It can be confirmed that at least one bar in Grand Rapids has been removed from its display Russian vodka to show support for Ukraine. The Michiganders and the entire US can only hope that there will be an end to Ukraine war sooner than later.

Different ways to help Ukraine

The US and other nations across the world are using different ways to show their support for Ukraine. The US government is working closely with other Western nations to ensure Russia is economically isolated.

The US has already issued various sanctions against Russia. Businesses in the US are also using different ways to show their support for Ukraine, like the way Gun Lake Casino has done.

The European football fans also joined the rest of the world to show their support for Ukraine. FIFA and UEFA have already banned Russia from world football. No Russian football club can participate in any competition until another agreement is reached.

Major landmarks across the world are using blue and yellow lighting on their exteriors in support of Ukraine. Some of the landmarks that have lit the lights are Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Opera House in Sydney, and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The world is waiting in earnest for the State of the Union Address expected to be issued by President Joe Biden on Tuesday.