You can clearly see that the interest in gambling in Sweden is only continuing to increase. The turnover of games such as ironing tips and lotteries is increasing all the time, Casino 먹튀검증 makes a record listing every year and almost all gaming sites get more and more registered users. Then you, as a gaming company, must be able to offer something extra. You should be able to give something that makes the player really feel the excitement of playing. One of the newer ideas is to invest in live betting. This means that you can bet on a match you are watching while it is in progress.

The Obvious Meaning

This obviously means that there will be some more skills involved in the pitching. You might see during the match that a team has a lucky lead and also a player on the border to get their second yellow card. In that situation, you can then bet on the team in the downside and get very, very nice odds on it. This is of course a dream for the player and it is beginning to understand more and more sites. 

Here you have to say that Bet365 is at the forefront as they also offer live broadcasts of several matches while offering live betting on the match. In other words, you can watch a match directly in the game site while betting on it. This is something that enhances the game feeling very much. The best thing about this form of betting is that you can bet on a match entirely according to your own feeling. You can forget what the experts think or what is written in the newspapers.

Instead, you can see part of the match and create your own opinion before you place a bet. This is something that increases the feeling of being able to influence. You can succeed by being proficient at reading the game, which is very enticing to many.

Companies that offer Livebetting

Initially, not many gaming companies realized the benefits of live betting, but now most people are hooked on the trend. Bet24 is, as I said, very far ahead as they offer a lot of live matches while you can bet live on them. Among other things, Bet24 shows a lot of tennis, basketball and football from among other South American World Cup qualifiers. Bet24 gives you a 100% match up to 500 SEK on your first deposit.

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  • Another company that is very far ahead is Unibet which also offers a lot of live streamed matches. Among other things, also shows a lot of tennis for the tennis fans.
  • At Unibet you get a 120% match up to SEK 600 on a deposit for their odds.
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Example of live betting

Sure, it’s great to be able to watch a match and then tip it on as it goes. However, you can bet on infinitely more than just who will win. On the vast majority of sites, during the course of the match you can, among other things, bet on who will make the next goal, what the match will end, who will get the next corner, who will get the next yellow card, results after full time and much, much more. So you can sit and watch a football match and as soon as you can just throw in a hundred that the team that creates pressure at that moment should get the next corner. This makes it extremely fun to watch the matches and bet at the same time.