Betting has been an old fascination of the Indians belonging to the lower-income groups. Starting from betting on the rising and falling cotton prices at Bombay Cotton Exchange, Indians have developed one form of addiction for “satte bazi”. When the government banned the game, Rattan Khatri came up with a new game of betting on random digits written on small chits. DPBOSS has been successful in converting this offline game into an online gaming portal. In this way Indians are now preferring sitting at home and enjoying the game.

What is the variety of gaming options available under DPBOSS?

  • Single:- The numbers are ranging from 0 to 9 all single-digit numbers.
  • Jodi:- The numbers are ranging from 00,01,…99 all double-digit numbers.
  • Patti:- All three-digit numbers are present here like 100,101, etc collectively called PANNA.

The numbers are chosen randomly, added and assigned with a fixed value of money. Then the bidding starts and winners are declared within few hours. If not successful in one game, he can again try for the next one. Gradually he will gain confidence and develop a winning attitude. The website is licensed and run by professional traders who have enough reputation in the satta markets. The use of trading bots makes the gaming procedure transparent. This the proof of advancement of science and technology in the modern world.

What is the probability of winning a game?

The player should gain some experience in making a huge amount of profit. For this reason, the minimum investment is fixed at Rs.500. DPBOSS Matka does not guarantee exact profit at each game. He must be able to read Weekly Matka Jodi for good performance in the upcoming week. The games are conducted all days except weekends. 

What kind of digital devices are supported by DPBOSS?

This online gaming portal can be played in any device ranging from an android device to a computer. This is the most fabulous feature by which one can easily play the game. Whether he is working in the office or busy with some work, he just needs a strong internet connection. This was not possible in offline games. Moreover one doesn’t have to depend on an agent for withdrawal of profit. The user interface is also amazing.

What is the procedure of withdrawing money after the gaming session?

In this world of fraud and hacking, people fear to bid online with a consequence of losing the money. But DPBOSS is serving the users for a long time and quite famous for its transparency. After the end of each gaming session, the user is allowed to withdraw the profit amount. Paytm and direct bank transfer are the only options available. It is recommended to perform the transactions at night due to low traffic. Paytm option will allow the user to withdraw a maximum amount of Rs. 15000. But bank transfer will permit Rs.1 lakh along with a service charge of 3%.

Conclusion: Play Satta Matka at DPBOSS site and earn money without doing affords.