The genre of new card game which has acquired much attention from individuals is pok deng. It is an easy to play game but a quite complicated one also. There is formula used in this game like สูตรบาคาร่า to win more amount of cash. This is the card game that is originated from the place Thailand. This is the competition among the six players and one major gamer. The individual is going to utilize the cards and join them into nine or eight to win in the game. Each of this game is dealt with drawing one card or two cards. The player card which is higher will make the opponent win and makes them win lots of cash. This also utilizes 52 cards deck with similar point of numbers. 

Pok deng game rules and regulations

It is important to understand the pok deng game well before that you need to learn about the rules, arrange cards, and calculate points. The rules of ป๊อกเด้ง game are: 

In this diversion there are gamers and agents or dealer. In which the agents are going to deal with the cards and the cards are compared with table gamers. The gamers are going to compare with the agent for determining the champion of the game. 

When you are playing the game, all the people have to pick the agent in the games of 1-10. If no one wants to check with the agent then system is going to choose one player randomly. If 2 people want the card of the agent then system again chooses one of the individuals. 

After the selection of the agent, the gamer is going to put the wager and this amount is based on the agent. Players are going to wager then the agent will deal with each of the two cards. If everyone has no pok, they have to draw more cards such that their cards consisrs of total points at the highest position. 

Arrangement of the cards in pok deng game

After thoroughly understanding the game rules, you need to play the cards. If not, the winning chances will decrease. The method of ranking is according to the specified rules. 


This is the point where the gamers have two cards with eight or nine cards in total. This is referred as the blank system and is going to open the card when compared with other gamers. 

Three card game: 

The gamer holds the same value three cards.

Clearing the hall of the chamber:

This is the point when the gamer possess card of three consecutives of the similar suit. 


This is the point when gamer consists of three cards in a consecutive way, however in quality difference. 

Three cards of humanoid:

The point where the gamer has every card of three humanoids. 

Thus, these are the rules and arrangement of the cards in the pok deng game.