Whether you are in it to win the jackpot, or just enjoy seeing the reels spin every now and then, online slot games are one of the most popular online casino features. Slots have always been one of humanity’s favorite pastimes, and now that they have reached the digital platform, their overall quality and capabilities have been increased tenfold.

There are endless amounts of amazing slot games to be found on the many leading online casinos that MPLcasino hosts, and this article will do a short review of one of the most popular and well regarded titles available on these fine websites.

Chimney Sweep


Coming from Endorphina – one of the online casino world’s leading service providers – comes Chimney Sweep. This is a delightfully charming game, widely considered to be one the most original titles ever made in the world of online slot games.

One of the best indicators of whether a slot game will be good or not is definitely which service provider has created the game. There is indeed a hierarchy in the online gambling world game when it comes to service providers, and a company like Endorphina is made up of some of the most talented and innovative programmers and designers in the online gambling world, providing some of the most original and enjoyable titles available in this already exhilarating and ingenious sector of the online gaming world.

This no download title is made up of five reels, and is geared towards a more traditional style of slot entertainment, featuring a maximum of ten paylines. Chimney Sweep may seem like a relatively simple game, but you should still take some time to get used to the core mechanics.

How to Play


Chimney Sweep’s fun begins with the player setting their credit amount by using their bankroll, known as a coin value in the game. You will then continue to use such a coin value with each play. As with any online slot game, maximizing your coin value by cleverly activating the relevant paylines is the key to success here.

Chimney Sweep is made up of a total of twelve symbols seen in the reels. Such symbols are made up of various playing card values, as well as a collection of real life objects and animals. Matching such symbols in a row will earn you a very favourable winning.

Bonus Rounds


Chimney Sweep has a few thrilling bonus rounds. The ‘Take Risk’ bonus round involves a player trying to double their current winnings by attempting to beat the computer in a simple card game involving you trying to select a card with a higher value than that of the AI.

Collecting enough scatter symbols (represented by the fireplace icon in this game) will move you through to the ‘Chim-Chiminey!’ bonus round. Here you will be provided with a total of fifteen complimentary plays.

The ‘Public Holiday’ bonus round can be activated by collecting four ‘Ace’ wild symbols, which will then enter an individual into the most lucrative bonus round available in Chimney Sweep, in which the player will now have a big chance to win the ultimate jackpot available in this game.

Some General Tips


As Chimney Sweep is a game that has been calibrated with a more traditional setup in mind, you will not need to make much in the way of largely risky ploys in order to make a concerted effort towards winning the jackpot.

As there are only a comparatively few number of paylines in this game, compared to some of the more complex progressive online slot games around today. That being said, you do still need to ensure that you are frugal with your bankroll, and that you try and make it through as much of the bonus rounds as possible, increasing your chances of grabbing the jackpot.

The best way to win the jackpot is to collect five ‘Chimney Sweep’ symbols, which are undoubtedly the most important ones to look out for. These are represented by two cheery young chimney sweepers.

If you ever happen to match a total of five Chimney Sweep icons on a payline, then you will instantly win the jackpot!