Those ones, who played Poker, Blackjack or Baccarat in reality, will try for sure the same best casino card games online, as internet gambling has a bunch of advantages. With the knowledge of the live game, the player will soon become a cool slot gambler.

Best casino card games list

When comparing Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and other best casino card games with slot machines, players said that slots are created mostly for fun, while games with cards are for using wits for wins. The list of card games is long, but the following ones are called always:

  • Casino Poker — classic game variant good for all, including newbies;
  • Texas Hold’em – the number 1 choice of real gamblers;
  • Baccarat — the game with unusual, special cards counting;
  • Blackjack — one of the most famous casino card games with best odds.

Their popularity can be explained by rules: following them and using strategies, the player has many chances to win thanks to his mental activity, and not only pure luck.

Poker: the number one choice

This game has got variants. Classic Texas Hold’em is played against the casino, and 5 cards are used. 3 and 4-card Poker games also exist, but they are chosen rarely. The basic rule here is about getting the best combination of cards, which will beat the hand of each opponent. Bluff can be used here — and this feature adds the game more excitement. The players have to know everything about cards and hands’ rates here. They would have to remember Poker terminology (like “Flush Royal, “Blind”, “Straight”, etc.).


Baccarat was not even a game before, but a kind of card reading: Tarot deck was used. Here, gamblers have to place a bet on the dealer, the player or a tie. Using 2 or 3 cards (it depends on the game), each player has to get 8 or 9 points. “Pictures” and “10” bring no points, Ace adds one point, while cards with numbers bring as many points as the card shows. According to popular belief, the guy who created this entertainment with 9 points, based Baccarat rules mainly on the Etruscan ritual.


The main aim of a player here is to get 21 points and do not take more than this number. The name of this one of best casino card games with the coolest odds to win means that initially, the best hand had to have Jack+Ace of Spades. With the invention of slots, dozens of BJ variants with diverse rules were offered, but still, Classic BJ is the leader. Here, it is better to be very cautious and remember the cards using the counting strategy. Otherwise, the player can take cards, which number will; exceed 21, and the gamer will lose.


Sometimes, casino bonuses cannot be used when playing even the best casino card games. However, many reputed casinos provide Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack players with many beneficial promotions. They organize tournaments, where the prize can reach several million USD.