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Our Favourite Slots To Play 

There is just so much choice out there these days when it comes to trying to pick an online slot to indulge in; sometimes it can genuinely take hours on end just to get the right one. Although, after all, this is far from a bad thing, in fact it just points to the incredibly …


Is it possible to make money from Video slots?

For many, gambling is purely for entertainment. Who can blame then when there’s a different excitement ianticipating a win? Meanwhile, for others, gambling is their livelihood. Probably the most popular example of professional casino players are the poker players. We all have heard of professional poker players who make their living winning in tournaments. But …


Fan Favourite Slot Games

There is a hell of a lot of slot games out there, we can tell you that for free, just take a look at But the problem is many of them are sub-par, and many more quickly get out-dated technology wise, rendering them rather tiresome to play. A fan favourite online slot is one …


Few Interesting Facts about Slot Machines

It was in the year 1887, slot machine was invented. It was invented by Charles Frey, who was from San Francisco. It is mainly recognized as a “slot machine” in America. It is known by different names in other countries, For example, in Great Britain, these machines are known by the name of “fruit machines”. …


Some interesting facts about SCR888 Slot Games

SCR888 Slot Game with an ordinary 21-point win isn’t the same. SCR888 Slot Game isn’t in a general sense to win trade out the betting club, but instead can win the best degree possible to discourage the release area. The SCR888 casino has an awesome result, because of their slot games. Just with the slot …