It is recommended not to put your chips in an underdog right away. The odds of a zebra are very attractive, of course. But it is worth remembering that these prices are high for a reason. The payoff is high, but so is the risk.

Moneyline, The Classic Bet On Football

In the most important matches, bookmakers even offer dozens of guessing options. You can place your chips in the most different aspects of a game, from the goalscorers to the winning team’s goal margin, through the number of yellow and red cards received and the total number of corners collected during the duel. A visit to 먹튀플러스 makes things easier for you now.

The most classic bet, however, is the choice of the winner, quite simply. Known as moneyline, this type of bet is the favorite shot among football fans. You consult the odds established for each result (home win, tie or visitor’s triumph), choose the option that you consider most profitable and make your guess.

It is not always about putting your money in the best team. According to the quotes, you may find it more advantageous to risk a little more. Let’s say that Barcelona will face a small team, but that usually complicates the life of the favorite whenever these teams meet. In that case, it may be worthwhile to bet on the zebra, as the odds for that result are much higher.

It is not uncommon to find odds over 10 in major European championships. This means that an eventual stumbling block by teams like Bayern Munich, Manchester City or PSG can make you multiply your initial investment by ten.

How Much Is My Bet Worth?

The odds indicate the amount paid for each real wagered on a given event in a football match. To know how much you will win in case of a successful guess, just look at the odds and multiply the amount invested.

  • If the odds of a Juventus win over Chievo are 1.5, it means that a $ 10 bet offers a $ 15 return. Let’s say the odds of a Chievo win over Juve are 7. If you bet R $ 10 on this result and it is confirmed, you receive R $ 70.

Understanding Fractional And American Odds

When visiting different bookmakers on the internet, you can find different formats of odds. This does not mean a difference in method or system: it is just a different way of presenting quotes to users.

In some cases, you can find odds in fractional format (13/5, for example). On other sites, the choice is American odds (like +260). But you don’t have to do your brain counting to find out what these values ​​indicate.