Crypto coin betting is one of the easiest ways to double your money in the wallet. Just having an idea on the currencies in the digital market and the statistics of their value is enough to win money. Although there are lots of websites that provide such a platform for online betting, one of the best and convenient website to place your bet in is crypto battle. This website is based on the real-time marketing statistics of different cryptocurrencies. You will have your wallet for your amount and the address of it can be used to place any amount of bet in the rounds.

There is no minimum amount to drop in the pot, but you will have 15 seconds to decide the coin that you want to place your money on and amount of money as a bet. After 30 seconds of dropping your amount, the winner will be declared and if you are the winner the losers’ amount will be credited in your wallet with the address provided. Although 5% of the won amount is cut for the jackpot organization, you can get double the amount you placed in. This application also supports chats with other players in the conducted rounds.

The winner is declared every 30 seconds on the basis of real-time statistics that you can also check in your own. Both betting and winning procedure are kept transparent so as to maintain the trust of users on the application. There will be no frauds or fake claims of the additional amount to your wallet and with a user-friendly interface; you can increase the amount in your wallet. Just be sure on the name that you are about to put your money in and also try to start from minimum amounts to get an overall idea upon the rounds and the statistics as well.