Finding good sites for online poker is a tricky task for new players. Online poker sites are currently in hundreds, and the search might leave you confused. As a newbie, you will need to choose a site that will give you higher chances of winning. Losing too many times may discourage you from learning through experience particularly when you are playing for cash because you will lose your money.

You will, therefore, need to consider the qualities of the sites you come across before deciding to play.


Qualities of a good poker site

  1. A good reputation- You will never come across a poker site that has no negative reviews. However, you can always choose to play at a poker site that has more positive publicity than negative publicity.
  2. Plenty of donkeys and fish- For beginners, it is better to stay away from sites that are dominated by pros. You are better off playing in the sites that have bad players and beginners to increase your chances of winning. Once you gain experience, you can try other sites.
  3. Pay players promptly- Through poker online Indonesia players’ forums, you will get to learn about the websites that delay payments. It is best to avoid such sites.
  4. Easy deposit and withdrawal methods- You do not want to struggle in transacting with the site, so it is best for you to choose the site that makes it easy for you.

Bad beats in online poker

The definition of a bad beat is elusive. However, stakeholders agree that a bad beat occurs when a favorite hand loses to an inferior hand. At the lowest stakes, you will face more bad beats than at any other limits. The reason for this is that there are many bad players at the lower stakes.

How to deal with bad beats

If you experience bad beat(s), it is advisable to appreciate the process. You are playing lower stakes to learn. Besides, bad beats do not equate to playing bad. You also need to remember that with experience you will play higher stakes and the bad beats will significantly reduce.

When starting out on online poker, it is imperative to source for a reliable website. It is also important to join player forums so that you hear the opinion of different players regarding websites.