Playing SCR888 in online casino has never been more enjoyable in the age of digital. However, it is also good that you know the risks you face, and how you can choose a safe Free Slots credits in Malaysia

It is difficult to completely eliminate fraud attempts, so it is best to be prepared to recognize and avoid these types of threats. It does not matter if you’re a lover of slots, online roulettes or blackjack. Fraud is a real threat and we will get to know it in depth.

Recognize the danger


In the first years of activity of online casinos, the truth is that the risks of fraud were greater than today. This is so because the Spanish market, like many others, has powerful legislation that marks the way for companies.

With this, there is always a guard who also acts as a security guarantee for the user. The growth of the sector could have been a danger, but regulation remains key.

If we focus on the Spanish market, you know that the Law of Gambling determined that it is the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) that has the power to grant the relevant licenses to operate. In addition, it is also who monitors the activity of the web at all times. With all this, every day it has become a little more difficult for fraud to appear.



Essential points to start


There are always security premises that the user must follow. With the passage of time, we all gain experience and we can recognize these things, but here is a brief list of important facts that you should never lose sight of:

  • Check that the online casino you like is in compliance with the legislation and has all its permits and licenses
  • Take all necessary precautions to keep your personal information safe
  • RNGs: it never hurts to check that the web has performed the audits that are required to see if everything is in order
  • Payments: you must use only those payment methods that you know well and that give you full security guarantees

What we have just seen is nothing but the essential in terms of security. Of course, Spanish regulation has managed to bring us to one of the safest markets of the moment, but it is also the responsibility of each player to be attentive to these issues.



Alarm signals about an online casino

As you know, the offer of online casino Malaysia is increasing. Sometimes, this makes users need certain guides to know which option is best suited to their tastes or profile.

Among the many things that should be taken into account during the analysis of a casino website, are the warning signs of possible fraud. Anticipating these risks will only be possible if we see the danger from afar.

Of course, the big websites are already established and everyone knows what you can expect from them. The biggest danger is in other websites and these are the alarm signals to which you must attend:

  • If you cannot verify where the company is based
  • The software has not been developed by any of the large companies in the sector
  • You have read negative comments about withdrawals of funds on that website
  • You cannot find the license number of the web

If you discover any of these problems, we advise you to immediately abandon the idea of ​​registering on that website. There are many other options and never forget that safety should always come first.

Most common fraud in online casinos


Obviously, there are many risks that a user can face and it is not easy to summarize them in a few lines. Despite this, we have tried to group some of the most common with the intention that you go ahead when you see them coming. Are these:

– Problems with withdrawals: the most common in the different casino websites is that the deadline to make a withdrawal is between 48 hours and a week. Frauds can come in this aspect. Payments are delayed more and more at the same time that customer service is not all good.

To avoid this case of fraud, it is vital the previous job of searching for information of the operator because it could well happen that you run out of your money.

– Theft of personal information: it is another of the most common frauds in online casinos and is shared with the entire Internet. There have been cases in which an online casino had obsolete security systems and there has been the theft of the banking data of many users.

To get ahead of this fraud, you must check that the URL of the web begins with “https”. This means that the site guarantees a secure connection.

– Methods of payment: evidently, they are the tools to move the money, so there have been cases of fraud in them. The majority of payment options offered by casino websites are 100% reliable. These include credit or debit cards, transfers and various types of electronic purses.

Alarm signs should jump with cash payment proposals. The advice in this matter is that you never send your banking information to the web until you are completely sure that it is a trusted operator.

– Customer service: more than a source of fraud in itself, the customer service team can be the one who raises your suspicions. If they do not offer you many communication channels or begin to delay the answers you need, you may be at risk.

On the Internet it will not be difficult for you to find reviews about the customer service of the web in question, so trust in the experiences of others. Of course, distrust of those web sites that hardly offer you options to be able to contact her. The best thing will always be that you look for operators that offer you an email, a phone and a live chat for what you may need.

– Bonus requirements: bonuses and welcome offers are the main claim of the casino websites to attract new users. Some companies like scr888, 918kiss and other welcome their user in the same way. But all those are not trusted and painless like this two. Anyway, with the passage of time, the requirements were hardened to avoid that the funds or the extra offers offered were all what the clients were looking for.

The fraud in this aspect can come from the hand of impossible requirements to achieve with sidereal bets that nobody can get.

Once again, to avoid this fraud, the most important thing is prevention. Go for it only when you are absolutely sure you can do it. Do not stay alone with the figure they offer you. Go much further and look at the time you count or the times you should bet your funds.

– Fame of the web: nowadays it is very easy to access webs or forums and check what is said about the different options of the market. Many companies have an excellent reputation, but others do not. Take a look at all of this before registering and you will avoid many of the risky situations we have seen.

Some famous frauds

To close our work today, let’s briefly tell you about some frauds that occurred in the online gaming sector so you can have a clearer idea.

The first conviction in history came in 1997 with the ban on offering lottery bets to an operator. Everything was resolved with a multi-million dollar fine.

From that moment, there have been many other frauds discovered. An affiliate program was discovered when hacking NetEnt games. The fraud was that the online casino adjusted in their favor the RTP of the slots offered on their website and that made users lose money. There were many websites and many injured.

There have also been cases of websites that made very slow payments or did not do them directly. It is not difficult to find the names of the websites that have had this kind of problems in a quick search on the net.

In conclusion, even though the regulation has improved and today it is more difficult to fall into a fraud, you will do well to take precautions to avoid any form of fraud.

Also keep yourself updated with the recent online casino trend to keep yourself up to date with the recent danger encountered. Stay safe fellow gamblers