If you are into card games such as rummy, then you must have played it with real money sometimes! Playing rummy with cash is an exciting proposition for many people all over the world. Some people also use rummy as their only source of income. So, is it easy to win real money through rummy? Yes, you can play on a rummy app and use your skills to outsmart other players and win cash prizes. Prizes are an easy way of winning money in a rummy game. However, there are many different ways to obtain real money by playing rummy on websites and apps. Let us find out some of the unique ways in which you can win real cash prizes in the following discussion.

Sign-up Bonus

Players generally get a sign-up bonus upon registering with a particular online rummy portal. The best thing about the sign-up bonus is that you don’t need to make any deposit for obtaining it.

Get Welcome Bonuses

Another instrument to win real money on a rummy app is welcome bonuses. You can find the welcome bonus generally after playing a few practice games with the free tokens by the platform. Players receive the welcome bonus only when they sign up for playing with real money and make their first deposit.

Obtain App Download Bonus

Players could also look for a rummy app that provides app download bonus. You have to verify your mobile number to obtain the app download bonus and use it for future games.

Test Your Skills in Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are the trusted and commonly recommended alternative for beginners to win real cash prizes on rummy applications. The tournaments are usually longer and involve many smaller games leading up to a grand finale. Even though the level of competition in freeroll tournaments is high, players have the chance to win actual cash prizes playing rummy without investment.

Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Existing players also get unique offers and bonuses on different online rummy portals. Regular players on a rummy app can find unique cashback offers and monthly bonuses. These bonuses are transferred to the account of the player, and they can use it to further invest in the game.

Look for “Refer a Friend” Bonuses

You should also try to look for online rummy portals that offer the facility of ‘refer a friend’ bonus. If you can get rewards for inviting your friends to play rummy on a particular online portal, then why shouldn’t you? Just share a unique referral link with your friends and receive exciting bonuses and cash rewards.

Participate in Contests and Leaderboard Challenges

Contests and leaderboard challenges are also proven ways to win actual cash prizes in rummy. The contests offer a thrilling proposition to test your skills in rummy alongside presenting the promises of lucrative cash prizes.


On a concluding note, you should always remember not to let anything distract you during a game. Playing rummy with cash is a very responsible task, and you cannot afford careless mistakes. Therefore, learn all the ways to make the most of the opportunities to win real cash from different online rummy portals right now!