While fame and recognition in poker are being won in big tournaments with several million dollars, poker games are really the driving force behind poker.

Winning cash games consistently over many years is what is considered the greatest achievement and crowning of poker career. To win in the tournament sometimes a little luck is enough, but in order to be able to win in cash games constantly, in the long run, more skills are needed.

Differences between tournaments and cash games

As it is already mentioned, the difference between a tournament game and cash games is enormous despite the fact that poker rules are immutable. Cash games have their advantages, but also disadvantages. However, what may be an advantage for one person may be an unacceptable aspect for another player.


In contrast to tournament poker, playing cash games you will quickly find out if you have enough skills to win at a given level / stakes. Tournament players have to play hundreds of tournaments and it may take months to find out about their skills and if they can make money on their game. The difference comes from the fact that in cash games each hand should be considered separately, while in tournament poker we consider single tournaments in its entirety.


Instead of sitting at the computer at certain times, as in the case of a tournament game, cash games are available at any time, regardless of the time of day. At any time, you can start the game and stop it when you decide you want to end. When choosing online poker tournaments you do not have such a large freedom, you have to adjust your time to the hours in which your chosen tournaments are played. If you play large multi-table tournaments, you have to prepare for many hours of the game, which you cannot stop at any time.


In this aspect, cash games are lagging behind tournament agen poker idn. It’s no secret that fame, recognition and popularity in poker are gained through tournaments. The multi-million dollar win from big tournaments is matched only by the games shown at TV at the highest stakes, while other cash game players talk and write rather little.