Every poker enthusiast around the world plays serious poker to win money. Though people get interested in the game of poker for the sheer excitement it gives, money involved in the game is definitely a compelling motive.Real casinos and online casinos offer a huge amount of money as bonuses, in order to attract more and more customers. The casinos compete with each other to provide the best bonuses. Now, with the arrival of the online version of poker games, most people opt for online casinos. Winning the poker chips takes any poker player, in the world to a new high. Click here taruhan bola to know about the website.

Casino Bonuses

There are bonuses in galore waiting for the ones who sign up with an online casino. This is one of the strategies employed to rake revenues and entice customers to sign up. Casinos assign a specific amount of money to rope in more players, through sign up bonuses and other types of bonuses. Apart from the initial bonuses provided by the poker sites, there are many other privileges that a poker enthusiast can enjoy.Poker sites offer a lot of bonuses and privileges for promotional purposes. Tournaments, happy hours, VIP and loyalty programs are targeted towards their loyal customers. These special offers indirectly attract the attention of other poker enthusiasts, who visit the site. This strategy invented by online casinos helps them convert these visitors into customers.

The casinos offer no-deposit bonuses, which allow poker players to receive free cash. This bonus requires no deposit and the money ranges from five dollars to fifty dollars. One has to have an account and post a few details with a site, to avail this bonus. The bonus is added to one’s account but withdrawal of the money from the account is dependent on the terms and conditions of the poker site.Another bonus offered by casinos is called the ‘sticky bonus’, in which the bonus cannot be withdrawn but the withdrawal of the winnings earned using this bonus is possible. First deposit bonuses are given to the customers, by the sites, depending on the first deposit made by them.

Percentage-based bonuses are also popular in online casinos. These bonuses are taken from the deposit amount. These are simple incentives, which encourage poker players to indulge in depositing more. The bonus coupons and percentage-based bonuses can range from a mere 5% to a greater 50% but many conditions are imposed with respect to the withdrawals. The more the deposits are the more the bonuses are, in any online casino.

Cash back bonuses come as a respite for poker players, who make a habit of losing, not necessarily out of bad luck. Cash back bonuses return the money back to them and are less risky. Most of the casinos refund a fixed amount or a percentage of the cash deposited.The loyal players are rewarded by casinos through loyalty bonuses. Many casinos give monthly or weekly bonuses to their customers. Other than these bonuses, player’s choice bonuses, voting and polling bonuses are also provided by the poker sites. For more Information, Please Visit : agen bola.