Everyone wants to earn money as fast as they could and online gambling seems to be one of those sweets tempting the people towards them.  With the advancement in technology, it comes with a new appearance “Online สูตรบาคาร่าฟรี”.  It includes virtual poker, sports betting, online card games like rummy, poker. The online gambling market worth is around 40 million dollars, which surely has several digits in it. In addition to this, it has been estimated that it will double its worth in just a few years.

How does addiction start?

With the 24/7 availability, it allows people to gamble anytime and has spread its tentacles to every person having an internet connection. It seems fun and a good pastime, after all who doesn’t want to give a chance to their luck. We want to find the answer to ‘What if I won?’ This compulsion leads to first try, second try and so on. It would become difficult to see when these tries turned into a parasitic addiction.

Can I get addicted?

The popular notion that only weak-willed people will fall in the pit of online gambling has proved incorrect. The stress, emotional highs and lows can lead to เครดิตฟรีไม่ต้องฝาก 2020 ล่าสุด addiction even if you have a good mental health.

What would happen if I get addicted?

“Just one more bet”, says the addict who knows that one more chance is not the end. This need to gamble more and more leads to irritability and restlessness. People will begin to feel low, depressed and in some serious cases, it might end up in suicide. Gamble debts are the icing on the cake.

Impact on children

Online Gambling has become a new emerging hobby among people aged 11-25. The consistent exposure to online gambling has increased the number of its prey. A new perception of it being a harmless hobby has taken its roots in innocent minds.

Looking to its positive side

As a coin always two sides, not everything about it is bad. Online gambling is exciting and a good source of entertainment. Some free casino games are also available which won’t burn your pockets.

How are countries reacting to it?

Many countries like Afghanistan, Brazil, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan have banned or restricted online gambling but the charges are put on the online gambling websites rather than on the player.


Online gambling is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It would start with a simple betting and before we realize it will jeopardize our career, relationships, savings and much more. Regarding it, harmless is a misconception. Whatever being the reason, the cons of online gambling outweigh the pros. At last, I want to ask, “Is your life so insignificant to be wasted on online gambling?”