Players will have a chance to win about 100,000 dollar or more after each draw when playing Keno. If you add the Keno Multiplier to your payslip then you can get your winnings increased by the multiplier drawn. The following analysis is the Keno prize and the player’s

chance of winning. You can find out more information based on the official Keno game rules on the Keno website

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In general, the prizes will be based on 1 dollar amount. To find out how much you will

receive at your different play amounts, multiply the prize by the amount you have played. We

will give specific examples as follows:

  1. If you have 3 numbers matched on 3 SPOT. You have wagered $ 1 on the bet amount, the

prize is $ 25.

  1. Similarly if you place a bet of $ 2 then the prize will be $ 50.

Here are some details of prize and the chance of winning that you may get when you decide to play Keno online or offline.

1 matching SPOT – 2.5 $ prize- 1 in 4 chance of winning 2 matching SPOT-10$ prize- 1 in 16,6 chance of winning 3 matching SPOT-25$ prize- 1 in 72,1 chance of winning

4 matching SPOT-100$ prize- 1 in 326,4 chance of winning 5 matching SPOT-450$ prize- 1 in 1,551 chance of winning 6 matching SPOT-1200$ prize- 1 in 7,753 chance of winning

  • matching SPOT-5000$ prize- 1 in 40,979 chance of winning
  • matching SPOT-10,000$ prize- 1 in 230,115 chance of winning
  • matching SPOT-30,000$ prize- 1 in 1,380,688 chance of winning 10 matching SPOT-100,000$ prize- 1 in 8,911,711 chance of winning Keno Tickets may be sold up to 20 draws in

Some Ways to Claim a Keno Lottery Prize

If you don’t play keno online, you can take your winning ticket to a Lottery Games retailer to validate so that the retailer may pay valid lottery prizes up to and including $2,500 per ticket. In case the Lottery amount is over $600, you have to fill in a claim form. Moreover, you must also complete a claim form in case your winning Lottery ticket is more than 180 days and greater than $100. In case, you play Keno online, you don’t need to worry about the

prize because it will be dealt with very quickly and automatically online right after you get matching points.

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You can earn the money from your prize but it can be pari-mutuel. You can get maximum prize payment about $ 2 million for a Keno drawing per prize category. , if your numbers are selected, The Keno Multiplier will be applied to all eligible prizes after the pari-mutuel shares for each prize has been determined for each draw at each level.

In general the prize may change in some specific places, so you should refer to the website that you choose to play Keno first in order to know about the prize and rules or chance of winning.