Indonesian card game like Bola Tangkas is a bit different from the conventional poker game. While the poker game allows user to place bets on the highest 5-card combination, this variant of poker allows users to bring two more cards into the scene and make a winning combination. Thus, the game is made more interesting with its ease of playing, better payouts and fabulous bonuses.

This game was introduced in 1980s and has garnered lot of appreciation since then. The growing number of players of this game and statistics related to the downloads of this game online reveal that this poker game is soaring high in popularity.

Tangkasnet is one of the trusted gambling sites that showcase the best versions of this game. You can download this game on the Android phones and tablets too. And, it will work just like the slot machine where it is played in city casinos. This 7-card poker game appears just like a slot game and is played on a computerized console. So, one can enjoy this game in private and can play alone as the other person will be replaced by the computerized entity.

How it is played

The player is shown 5 cards at the very start of the game on the screen and two cards are hidden. The player first deposits the amount required for playing the game and also places bet that his card set scores the highest. He also places bet on other two coming cards that they can make his hand the highest in score. Thus, the player is given the flexibility to discard the unwanted card or replace the cards with better options to achieve the highest scoring hand.

Such is the simplicity of this game that is attracting one and all. But, to make good bucks off it, you must play it with cognitive approach and in complete sobriety.