Online 918kiss Slot is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most clicked games on the web and the word “slot” as a keyword seems to be one of the most sought after. You want for its speed of play, simplicity in learning the basics and for the ability to guarantee high winnings, Slot is loved by the vast majority of Casino players. To be able to break the bank, however, it is necessary to have in mind the rules of the game, valid not only for the classic 918kiss online Slot but also for all the variants of the game that can be found in the various Online Casinos that our portal offers.

We have thrown down some tips that could be used for experts and others, take a look at our list below.

The rule of 16 to Online Slot

In a 918kiss download here game it is never better to call when you have a score of 16 in your hand, especially if the dealer starts with a 9, a 10 or an Ace. Calling a new card in fact the risk of busting becomes high. The statistics show the validity of the 16 rule as either the odds of winning at Slot against the dealer remaining with the score of 16 is equivalent to 72.4%.

We count the cards with the Size system

Among all the strategies used to win at Slot, card counting is among the most requested and advantageous. 

  • Although, in our opinion, it is the most difficult to apply, as the deck is constantly mixed.

The “Size system” is very simple to apply in Slot in the Live version because if we note the hands won (perhaps with a + sign) and those lost (sign -) we can determine when to play and how much to bet. It is unlikely that a player will have the same hand as the previous one, so it will be necessary to play as opposed to the notes taken. In addition, the Size system allows you to understand the style of the dealer, if he plays in a particularly aggressive or defensive manner based on certain cards. In case of the 918kiss download apk this is a perfect option now.

What to do with a Stiff Hand or Hard Hand at Online Slot

918kiss online slots happens to be in complicated hands, in English called “Stiff Hand”, that is when you have a combination of cards whose score is between 12 and 16. It is a complicated hand because if another card is requested you runs the risk of getting high and thus losing the 918 kiss bet immediately. To develop a good strategy in a difficult hand, it is necessary to evaluate the bank, that is, which cards it has in front of it, and in the case in which the dealer will be with a difficult hand like yours, with cards like 2 and 6, it will be appropriate for the player stop. If the dealer has a score of 7 or more, then you will have to call another card to try to beat the dealer.