Many of you may have played or seen slot games in the traditional casino clubs. Online slots are almost the same game but is played on your computer or laptop. If you have played the conventional slot game then you can get the same flavour and many other options too.

In online Bingo Sites New slot games, there can be hundreds of options to choose from different genres with different betting limits and also bonuses.

What are pay lines?

Number of pay lines in any slot game is an important factor. Pay-line will decide what pay-out to be awarded depending on the winning combo. 

Pay-lines may run straight, zigzag and diagonal across the reels. You can hit on any pay lines and trigger pay-out. Your win will happen anywhere on your pay-line.

You must know that you may win on pay lines where you bet on, and slots have an option to choose pay line number you wish to bet on. 

If you can bet on 10 pay lines then you will play minimum 10 coins/spin. More the pay lines you bet on, higher will be the cost/spin.

What are the various wild symbols?

Wild symbol is something that you need to look out for and it will basically act like another winning symbol. Hence, if you hit 2 identical winning symbols by wild on reels, wild symbol then will substitute for another matching winning symbol, and create a winning combination. 

Wild symbol is almost like joker in the pack, and these symbols have got their own design, based on slot game.

A wild symbol will not replace scatter symbols or free spins. In few slot games, wild has no individual value however in other games this is the highest-paying symbol.

What are various scatter symbols?

Scatter symbol will be your best friend. By using these symbols, you can unlock number of different results. Scatter symbols may trigger coin prizes, bonus features or free spins.

Scatter may land anywhere on reels to make it count and you require few numbers of scatter symbols for landing to activate the reward. 

Scatters will also activate multipliers meant for bigger pay-outs too. Know the right scatter symbols to trigger before spin the slot game.

Return to player

Also known as RTP which is percentage of your bet that will be paid back to you per slot. It is crucial to know in the longer run, RTP is not calculated per season or player, but only per game. 

Slot with 95% RTP will return back 95% of the wagered amount. Higher your RTP, the chances of winning too is higher.

What are multipliers

Commonly in all slot games, you will find multipliers which are rewarding symbols. These symbols will multiply your earning. If you can hit 100-coin payout with 2x Multiplier symbol then you will get 200-coins. 

Value of multiplier may vary and these symbols will offer big winning chance. Multipliers can be applied to any of your winning amount. You must always look for multipliers when you play slot games. Multipliers start with 2x and can be up to 25x.

Hit frequency

Your hit frequency will be percentage of times your reels will land over winning combination. If your slot game has got hit frequency of 25%, then it may land on winning combination one out of four spins. 

Your hit frequency will not essentially increase your chances of winnings as it will depend upon the RTP or win size.